Community Participation, Capacity Building  and Life Skills

Making life more enjoyable with individual and group activities

Getting out into the local community and building social skills and confidence is critical to helping our participants live an active, healthy life.

This is why we offer supported shopping, a companion to go to sporting, recreational events, medical appointments, social activities, making or visiting friends and travelling.

We’ll allow your loved one to take the lead and guide them as necessary to help them successfully navigate these situations.

The overarching goal of these capacity building activities is to ensure that NDIS participants can live as autonomously as possible. Our team can offer a range of practical skill development activities, including independent living skills, nutrition and meal planning.

We help give our participants the tools needed to increase their independence in the community during recreational or social situations or on public transport.

We’ll help build up your loved ones’ social skills while equipping them with the skills necessary to accomplish household tasks.

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