About PHCS

We are here to help

Currently, we offer community and personal care, in-home health services and disability and aged care support services to our clients. With everything we do, we focus on offering a broad range of non-medical, medical, wellbeing and lifestyle services that enable the elderly, ageing and those with disabilities to thrive while staying independent in their homes. With this goal in mind, we offer:

  • A very responsive team, including after hours
  • Compassionate and professional day-today support
  • Complimentary consultations
  • Qualified and empathic caregivers

Also, we work to ensure 100% client satisfaction and we’re a proudly South Australian owned and run company with branch offices in Victoria, so this allows us to foster deeper connections with our clients.

Who We Are

Premium Home Care Service is a registered NDIS and aged care service provider based in South Australia in Westbourne Park with a branch office in Ravenhall Victoria. Currently, we offer community and personal care, in-home health services and disability and aged care support services to our clients.

We offer customised services to meet the unique needs of your loved ones by helping people living with a disability and seniors who need assistance to thrive and live in the home environment they’re comfortable in and love. From a full range of non-medical, medical, lifestyle and wellbeing services, our caregivers can lend a helping hand with tailored plans to meet each of our client’s unique wants and needs.

Why Our Clients Choose Us for Quality Home Care Services
We Operate on a Core Set of Values

At Premium Home Care Services, we use the foundation of values that drives all of our activities and operations. These values that colour everything we do are: Dignity - Diversity - Equality - Excellence - Respect.

We Provide a Compassionate and Qualified Staff

We choose the highest-trained staff who undergo rigorous interviews, background checks, and references while looking for one huge trait: empathy. We take great pride in delivering customised services we tailor to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Along with ongoing training, our staff are compassionate and caring.

We Offer Great Savings

Generally, there is a middleman to work between the client and the home care entity. At Premium Home Care Service, we cut out this middleman, and this translates into savings without sacrificing quality. Along with the savings, we also help you to get the maximum hours of care and support with your NDIS funding from a professionally-trained staff for your loved ones.

We Give Quick Responses While Offering After Hours Support

We understand that emergencies happen, and this is why we have a dedicated after hours support team available that you can get in touch with when you need us most, no matter if it's day or night. We also know that minutes matter, and this is why we have a quick enquiry response time too.

Premium Home Care Service offers support to build our clients independence

“We encourage you to reach out and see how we can support your independence while making sure you get the help you need to live a fulfilling life.”